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/// HiP  actions speak louder than words

HiP (Help in Practice) International was founded in 2009 to empower churches worldwide to help the needy. At HiP we believe in the power of local churches to show the love of Jesus Christ. It is our vision to make the Church visible to society by helping the needy. Our mission at HiP International is to communicate that vision and to spread best practices and sustainable examples worldwide.

While helping the needy in a practical way the Church becomes radiant and attractive again. According to the Gospel, Christians should be available to help other people regardless of their culture, background, religion or status. And most Christians love to serve their neighbours with the talents and skills God provided them with! Keenly using information technology, the so called HiP tool links Christians to people outside the Church to meet their needs. Usually by serving at rather small, common issues, showing unconditional love. As the relationship naturally develops, people are blessed.  

“Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.”

(St. Francis of Assisi)


HiP International’s primary objective is to serve the Church by introducing the HiP tool and concept.

The HiP tool is a transferable communication infrastructure. It facilitates and connects Christians with non-believers. Relationships  are created in which people can bear out their faith in both words and deeds. HiP International supports church pioneers implementing HiP in their country and offers this diaconate instrument to the churches.

The national HiP NGO’s are autonomous foundations, with local staff and board members.


The HiP cradle

HiP was initially launched in the Netherlands by Walter Willigenburg, who became a Christian in 2002. He received the HiP vision in 2003. Within 5 years the HiP concept turned into a national success, with over 400 local churches involved at present, from almost every existing denomination. Operating in over 30 cities in The Netherlands, HiP has been providing practical support for thousands of people. But like in every country, it started small, in just one city with an insignificant amount of churches…



Having heard of the success of HiP in the Netherlands, churches from several continents have invited HiP to come and share more about the concept. In Africa, North America and Europe, more and more people are getting involved. The HiP vision brings a paradigm shift in religious thinking and culture. The Church was intended to have impact on society by carrying out the good news.


Our message is what Jesus speaks about in Matthew 5:14-16, “You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden... let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven”.


Practical tool

As mentioned before, the HiP tool is conducted within a simple concept in which information technology is the key element. Church volunteers are registered in a central database, including their location, skills/talents and availability. Help requests can be addressed to the national HiP helpdesk through phone or online. Now the information of the ‘needing party’ is also recorded in the database. Based on the  information entered, the computer will be able to find a volunteer in the neighbourhood to meet the specific need of the person asking for help. Match made!


HiP is the networker, the connector, the matcher of church volunteers to people who are in need.

A healthy vision, a simple concept and passionate churches. Those are the elements of the success of HiP worldwide.


HiP would like to work with you!

HiP connects faith, business, missionary work and the church. The outcome is an innovative and enterprising way to impact our society. Got inspired? Contact us and together we will find out if HiP can make a difference in your country as well.



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