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Becoming God's ecclesia in Amsterdam

Bijgewerkt op: 10 feb. 2022

Becoming God’s ecclesia in Amsterdam is a dissertation on the process of an emerging transformative city movement in Amsterdam. Piet Brinksma combined in-depth exegeting of the city and its culture with theological reflections on the calling of the Church in a western, rich and postmodern city like Amsterdam. The research includes exploring the theological vision, outreach methods, results of disciple making and church planting and transformational ministries of churches and ministries in Amsterdam. The dissertation documents a two-day consultation with Christian leaders in the city and contains recommendations for increasing collaboration and movement towards more impact of Shalom in the city.

If you want to receive an electronic copy (PDF) click here.

If you want a paper copy (25 Euro’s incl. shipping in the Netherlands), click here

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