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Wholistic ministry that changes lives!

Visit to Doxa Deo in Pretoria

Doxa Deo and City Changers network are ministries that were initiated more than 15 years ago in Pretoria by Alan Platt. Alan went through a paradigm shift, causing him to realize that the gospel of the Kingdom was not only about saving souls, but also about transforming people, communities and cities by the culture and power of the Kingdom of God. Currently Doxa Deo has more than ten church campuses reaching out to their neighborhoods in Pretoria and several other South African cities. Alan and his team are also instrumental for city movements in several other cities all over the world.

Alan has been partnering with Piet in a city consultation process in 2017 in Amsterdam. Piet was invited to Pretoria to see what they are doing and how they equip all of the church to be partners in the dream of city changing.

One of the most outstanding wholistic ministries is called Pop-Up. This ministry is serving the unemployed with proper skill training to prepare them to enter several professions like: home care, fashion, cooks for hotel kitchens, admin and IT. What stood out to Piet was how they not only teach the students professional skills but also offer them several weeks of classes focusing on identity and personal renewal. All interviewed students testified that these weeks of identity training had been life changing and foundational to their future success in both their careers and life. This is one of the examples of wholistic ministry that Urban Life is so passionate about. Thanks, Doxa Deo for your invitation and wonderful work!

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